Vanesa Wallet Hardi

Born 71/02/02 in Yugoslavia - lives in Annecy, France

1994 - 1999 Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (Austria)

Department of painting and graphics - Prof. Gunter Damisch

1999 Diploma Mag.Art.

1990 - 1996 Studium Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava (Slovakia)

Department of painting - Prof. Jan Berger; 1996 Diplom Mag.Art.

1985 - 1989 School for Design, Graphics, Belgrade (Yugoslavia)


2002 Award from the Center of Visual Arts, Zlatno Oko, Novi Sad, SRB

2000 Young Artist of the Year, Bratislava, SK

1999 Prize from the Ministery of Science for the dipolma work, Vienna, A


1998 Cité Internationale des Arts , Paris, France

Atelier and Künstlerhaus Haid, Germany

1992 and 1994 International Summer Academy for Fine Arts in Salzburg, A


2023 COLOURCODE , CUBE x CUBE Gallery (CZ)



2019 COLOURCODE , LaFauna , BASEL (CH)

2018 Colorboxes, Espace Larith, Chambéry (F)

2018.Colorboxes , Galerue , LYON(F)

2018.COLORBOXES , La Fauna , BASEL(CH)

2014 Colorboxes, Artbox, Prague (CZ)

2013 Colorboxes , Gallery Z, Bratislava (SK)

2012 Monochrome, Gallery Petr Novotny, Prague (CZ)

Monochrome, KC Nova Beseda, Prague (CZ)

2011 "Energieträger", Gallery die Aktualität des Schönen..., Liberec (CZ)

2010 My colours, KC Beseda, Prague (CZ)

2008 Process.Structure.Colour, Gallery Plank, Vienna (A)

2007 Process.Structure.Colour, House of Arts, Ceske Budejovice (CZ)

Process.Structure.Colour, House of Arts, Opava (CZ)

COLORATION, Faculty of Arts and Crafts and Design, Usti nad Labem (CZ)

At the edgae of the picture, Gallery under the Townhall, Prague (CZ)

2005 Gallery Goller, Selb (D)

2004 Organic color - Organic space , Municipal gallery, Bratislava (SK)

2003 Gallery Emila Filly, Municipal Museum, Usti nad Labem (CZ)

2002 Gallery U bileho jednorozce , Klatovy (CZ)

Center for Visual Culture , Zlatno Oko, Novi Sad (SRB)

2001 Gallery at the University , Linz (A)

«Ein Bild muß nichts sagen, nur sein », Gallery Plank, Vienna (A)

Gallery Doraart, Varazdin (HR)

Academy of Law and Taxes, Vienna (A)

2000 Aperto Wien (A)

1999 Bild und Raum, Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (A)

Nebeneinander, SVA-Gallery, Vienna (A)

1998 Transit, Gallery Tatrasoft, Bratislava (SK)

1996 Gallery Michalsky Dvor, Bratislava (SK)

Gallery Reiffenstein, Vienna (A)

1995 Gallery Trabant, Vienna (A)


2024 PaviArt , PAVIA (I)




2023  10 ans de la Galerue , La Galerue , LYON

2023  Discovery Art Fair COLOGNE (D)

 with Gallery Unique contemporary

2023  "Invitation au voyage" , Gallery Lou Babazouk NICE (F)

2022 ALTERNANCES , Galerie Alexandre Mottier , GENEVE

2022  "Invitation au Voyage" , Chapelle de la Misériecorde , VALLAURIS (F)

2022  VANITAS , Galerie Alexandre Mottier , GENEVE (CH)

2020 DISCOVERY ART FAIR , Frankfurt (D)

ARTMUC , Muenchen (D)

2019 DISCOVERY ART FAIR , Frankfurt (D)

ARTMUC , Muenchen (D)

2018 PARCOURS DE L'art contemporain, AVIGNON (FR)


JOIN THE DOTS/UNIRE LE DISTANZE , ImagomundiART (Luciano Benetton COLLECTION),Salone degli incanti,TRIESTE (ITALIE)

"ensemble" , Galerie Alexander MOTTIER,GENEVE (CH)

2017 COLLECTIONNONS ! Gallery Alexandre MOTTIER, Geneva (CH)

Oeuvres d'atelier et de collections, Gallery A. MOTTIER, Geneva (CH)

La sucrière - Art de vivre et Déco, Lyon (F)

2014 ART Prague, Indigo Space (CZ)

ART International Zürich (CH)

2013 ART Prague, Gallery Gambit (CZ)

Paris-Belgrade, Gallery Zetska, Belgrade (SRB)

2012 Montag ist erst Übermorgen, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (A)

For John Cage / na houby, Gottfrei Opava (CZ)

Contemporary Czech Art, gallery of the technical National Library, Prague


2011 Berliner Liste , Berlin (D)

2009 Czech Contemporary Art, "parallel lines III", Gallery Heritage, Moscow (RUS)

Atelier of paintings, House of Arts, Bratislava (SK)

Atelier of paintings, Gallery M.A.Bazovskeho, Trencin (SK)

2007 Curator experiment - reflexion media painting in media photography", Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno (CZ)

2006 VIENNAFAIR (Gallery Artmarkt), Vienna (A)

Curator experiment - reflexion media painting in media photography, Usti nad Labem (CZ)

Sommerfrisch, Gallery Artmarkt, Vienna (A)

Immer schön im Rythmus bleiben, Gallery Plank, Vienna (A)

2005 COLORS,STRIPES,LINES ; Gallery Exner , Vienna (A)

Contemporary Slovak Art, SOGA, Bratislava (SK)

Flags Festival, Zlatno Oko Center for Visual Culture, Novi Sad (SRB)

Art Prague, Gallery Miro (CZ)

2004 Konzepte auf Papier , U.B.R.Gallery, Salzburg (A)

Perfect tense , Residence of the Slovak Republic, Washington (USA)

Art Prague , Gallery Miro (CZ)

Contemporary Slovak Art, SOGA, Bratislava (SK)

2003 Art Innsbruck (Gallery Lindner Vienna) - A

Art Frankfurt (Gallery Lindner Vienna ) - D

Art Prague (Gallery Miro) - CZ

Art Cologne (Gallery Lindner) - D

Picture : object and symbol, Slovak Institute, Prague (CZ)

7. international Biennale for Miniature Art , Cultural Center, Gornji


2002 New Pictures, U.B.R Gallery - Salzburg (A)

16. Grand Prix de la ville de Saint-Grégoire (F)

3. international Triennale of contemporary Art - Balkanart , Vojvodina

Museum, Novi Sad (SRB)

KunstWien 2002 (Gallery Plank) - A

"What is behind that curtain ?" Gallery Plank ,Vienna (A)

ROT ,Gallery Plank , Vienna (A)

2001 New Connection, World financial Centre, Courtyard Gallery, New York (USA)

Art Bodensee (Gallery Plank, Vienna), Dornbirn (A)

3X Painting, Residence of the Slovak Republic, New York (USA)

Art Frankfurt (Gallery Peter Lindner, Vienna) - D

3rd Exhibition of Contemporary Slovak Art, residence of the American

Ambassador, Bratislava (SK)

Danubiana, Museum of Modern Art, Bratislava Cunovo (SK)

Schloß Halbturn (A)

New Connection, Mirbach Palace, Municipal Gallery, Bratislava (SK)

New Connection, National Gallery - Veletrzni Palac, Prague (CZ)

Favorite items,Gallery Plank, Vienna (A)

Belgrade.K, Gallery K., Paris (F)

Utisak/Otisak, international Manifestation Contemporary Art, Varazdin (HR)

KunstWien 2001(Gallery Plank) - A

2000 Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (F)

Gallery K, Paris (F)

Tonal 2000, Palffy Palace - Municipal Gallery, Bratislava (SK)

Galeria L'Agostiniana, Rome (I)

KunstWien 2000, Gallery Plank (A)

Welcome Understanding, Bratislava (SK)

1999 Gallery Medium, Bratislava (SK)

Palazzo Braschi, Forli (I)

Young Line 3rd, Gallery Station 3, Vienna (A)

Stop the violence ! , Academy of Fine Arts and MAK, Vienna (A)

Kunst Wien 99 (Gallery Plank) - A

Die Kunst der Linie - Zeichnung 99 - Allgemeine Sparkasse OÖ, Linz (A)

LinienKunstmesse Linz, (Gallery Peter Lindner Wien),Linz (A)

1998 Gallery der Künstler, Münich (D)

Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (F)

Da-zwischen-da, Gallery Kunsttreff Künigelberg, Vienna (A)

Diversities, spices & academies, Semper Depot, Vienna (A)

House of the Arts, Bratislava (SK)

1997 "ein fiktiver Dialog mit Wittgenstein", Haus Wittgenstein, Vienna (A)

Begegnungen III, Austrian Cultural Center, Bratislava (SK)

Prostor - Gallery Sypka, Osova Bityska (CZ)

Cold Front London-Vienna, Gallery Bricks&Kicks, Vienna (A)

Semper Depot, Vienna (A)

1996 Diploma exhibition, Slovak National Museum, Bratislava (SK)

1995 Gallery Trabant, Vienna (A)

1992 « Talenty » - Zahorska Gallery in Senica, Slovakia (SK)